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RE: Eumaniraptora stuff again......

Steven Mahon wrote:

> These "bird-like" characters are actually primitive eumaniraptoran traits, and were
> differentially lost in derived dromaeosaurids _Achillobactor_, which
> appears the least "bird-like" of any dromaeosaurid, might represent the
> extreme end of this trend.

That's interesting Its makes more sense that way, so, it would even fit if *Archaeopteryx* was a basal Eumaniraptoran....

_Archaeopteryx_ may well be a basal eumaniraptoran. It's anatomy is strikingly similar to what one would predict in a basal eumaniraptoran. However, if this turns out to be the case, Eumaniraptora would become a junior synonym of Aves, since by definition _Archaeopteryx_ is a member of Aves.

At the moment, the most well-supported interpretation is that _Archaeopteryx_ is the most primitive known flying theropod, and Aves is the sister clade to Deinonychosauria. Nevertheless, one of the most intriguing discoveries in recent years is that an increasing number of characters that were once thought to be unique to birds (and therefore diagnostic for Aves) are actually basal maniraptoran or eumaniraptoran traits. This includes pennaceous feathers, and a growing list of osteological characters.


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