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Re: Coelurosaurian Analysis Matrix & Character List!!

From: "Steven Mahon" <floridamahon@yahoo.com>
>                `--+--+--+--Deinonychus
>                   |  |  `--Velociraptor
>                   |  `--+--Troodon
>                   |     `--Saurornitholestes
>                   `--+--Archaeopteryx
>                      `--+--Passer
>                         `--Confuciusornis

Really?  As I understand it -- which isn't saying much -- _Saurornitholestes
sp._ (as in the undescribed Museum of the Rockies specimen) is a
non-troodontid dromaeosaur, potentially congeneric with _Bambiraptor_.
Maybe your matrix will change when the taxon is published and you have more

-------Ralph W. Miller III