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Re: Oviraptor

Dear DML members!
Thanks to all who helped me with Oviraptor. But I have several questions
about Oviraptor phylogenetic position. At first Oviraptor is the oldest
mongolian oviroptorid. Other, such as Khaan or Citipati are from Ukhaa
Tolgod which relates to younger Baryn Goyot Formation (Alifanov, pers.
comm.). Second, the snout of Oviraptor was more elongate than in other
oviraptorids (Clark et all., 2002), I think it is a primitive
characteristic. So I think That Oviraptor is more basal oviraptorid that
Ingenia, Khaan+Conchoraptor and "Rinchenia"+(Citipati+Citipati sp.+new
taxon). If it is right?

P.S. I have several oviraptorid pictures from the Internet but I cann't
determinant them. I suspect that this specimens are from GIN. Anyone who can
help me ask me for them. And another request. If anyone have any pictures of
S.mongoliensis, S.junior ,Sinornithosaurs, Troodon and oter troodontid
postcrania, please send them to me.
Thanks a lot in advance.