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Re: Oviraptor

>   I personally am not sure about Alifanov's data, though I cannot contend
> it on its face (since I don't know what it is). Nearly all the
> comparative data with the Ukhaa Tolgod fauna relates almost perfectly with
> Djadokha Formation, and implies that, by bearing many reptile taxa in
> with Bayn Dazk (Bayan Zag, Bain Dag, etc.), it is most likely related to
> formation horizontally stratigraphically. This means *Khaan* and
> along with *C. sp.* (which is Djadokhtan on other factors) are of a likely
> Cenomanian or basal Campanian age [lower to middle Senonian].
There are several taxa that were found in both Ukhaa Tolgod and other Barun
Goyot localities (Khaan (PIN specimen), Citipati (PIN specimen) and Shuvuuia
(PIN 3142/6)).
>   As for figures or pictures of troodont postcrania, this is very rare and
> best skeletons are undescribed, not well (*Saurornithoides mongoliensis*
and *S.
> junior*) or briefly described (as in *Sinovenator*), or are being prepped
> description (Ukhaa Tolgod troodontid, maybe *Byronosaurus*). The
postcrania of
> *Sinornithoides* is figured in one fantastic page, and *Byronosaurus* is
> to a few vertebrae and a knee; GI 100/44 is a young animal with
> bones that reveal little about the affinities of the form except that it,
> *Sinovenator*, possessed a non-arctometatarsalian foot and the second
> was not narrowed at midlength, narrowed in all other troodontid pes
> *Tochisaurus* and *Borogovia,* which also have the arctomet (these two
taxa are
> limited to partial legs). The last two are available if you cannot get
them in
> the original papers, and Mickey Mortimer has a fantastic scan of the
figures of
> *Sinornithoides* to help.
What do you mean on Ukhaa Tolgod troodontid? IGM 100/1003?
Do anybody now also something about this papers:
Hwang, S. H. and M. A. Norell. A small advanced theropod from Oshih, Early
Cretaceous, Mongolia,
Hwang, S.H. and M.A. Norell. A troodontid dinosaur from Ukhaa Tolgod (Late
Cretaceous, Mongolia)?
Thanks a lot in advance