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Lophorhothon refs and Hadrosauroids characters

Dear List-Members, please could someone tell me the exact refs for the
description of Lophorhothon atopus? and what's the current status of
Lophorhothon? it's a basal Hadrosauroids, a Hadrosauridae or a
Always in regard to Hadrosauroidea in Norman (2002) analysis on
Probactrosaurus there's the follow character:
2. Premaxillary margin: slightly ventrally offset from occlusal plane of the
dentition (0), very strongly ventrally deflected (1).
While in Hai-lu You (2003) analysis on Equijubus there's the follow
9. Premaxilla oral part, ventral margin form: straight (0), ventrally curved
Are these two characters the same or not? the premaxillary margin cited by
Norman is the ventral margin of premaxilla of Hai-lu You? to determine these
characters from a photos or drawing the skull must be in lateral view right?
Please reply off-list

Alessandro Marisa
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