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Re: Newest NMMNH Bulletin Available

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From: AHeckert@nmmnh.state.nm.us
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Subject: Newest NMMNH Bulletin Available
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 09:28:53 -0600 

To one and all, especially Triassic workers,

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is proud to announce
the arrival of our newest bulletin, the "Geology and Paleontology of the
Snyder quarry," edited by K.E. Zeigler, A.B. Heckert, and S.G. Lucas. The
contents of this 132 page volume are as follows:

1       The Upper Triassic (Norian: Revueltian) Snyder quarry, 
        Chama basin, north-central New Mexico: An
        overview.................K.E. Zeigler, A.B. Heckert & S.G. Lucas

2       The Late Triassic Snyder quarry: A brief history of
discovery and excavation............A.B. Heckert & K.E. Zeigler 5

3       Upper Triassic stratigraphy and biostratigraphy, Chama basin, 
        north-central New Mexico.
        ...........S.G. Lucas, K.E. Zeigler, A.B. Heckert & A.P. Hunt   15

4       Facies analysis and sedimentologic model for deposition of bone
bearing strata in the Upper Triassic Petrified Forest Formation at the
Snyder quarry, north-central New Mexico
                ...............L.H. Tanner, M.G. Chapman & K.E. Zeigler 41

5       Taphonomic analysis of the Snyder quarry: A fire-related Upper
Triassic vertebrate fossil assemblage from north-central New
Mexico..........................................K.E. Zeigler    49

6       Invertebrate paleontology of the Upper Triassic Snyder quarry, 
        Chinle Group, Chama basin, New Mexico....
                                ...S.G. Lucas, K.E. Zeigler & A.B. Heckert

7       An early eubrachyuran (Malacostraca: Decapoda) from the 
        Upper Triassic Snyder quarry, Petrified Forest Formation, 
        north-central New Mexico.L.F. Rinehart, S.G. Lucas & A.B. Heckert

8       The vertebrate fauna of the Upper Triassic (Revueltian) 
        Snyder quarry.............K.E. Zeigler, A.B. Heckert & S.G. Lucas

9       Phytosaur (Archosauria: Parasuchidae) cranial and mandibular 
        material from the Upper Triassic Snyder quarry (Petrified Forest 
        Formation, Chinle Group).K.E. Zeigler, A.B. Heckert & S.G. Lucas

10      An illustrated atlas of the phytosaur (Archosauria: Parasuchidae)
        postcrania from the Upper Triassic Snyder quarry 
        (Petrified Forest Formation, Chinle Group).
                                ....K.E. Zeigler, A.B. Heckert & S.G. Lucas

11      Body mass estimates of phytosaurs (Archosauria: Parasuchidae) 
        from the Petrified Forest Formation (Chinle Group: Revueltian) 
        based on skull and limb bone measurements......
                        ......G.R. Hurlburt, A.B. Heckert & J.O. Farlow 105

12      Aetosaurs (Archosauria: Stagonolepididae) from 
        the Upper Triassic (Revueltian) Snyder quarry, 
        New Mexico................A.B. Heckert, K.E. Zeigler & S.G. Lucas

13      Coelophysids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Upper Triassic 
        (Revueltian) Snyder Quarry .......
                .A.B. Heckert, K.E. Zeigler, S.G. Lucas & L.F. Rinehart 128

The volume costs $15 and is available from the NMMNH's Natureworks store. An
orderform can be printed from our website at:


If you cannot access our web page, it's probably due to heavy-duty internet
security in the NM government system. Contact me (OFF-LIST) at
AHeckert@nmmnh.state.nm.us and I will e-mail you an order form. 



Andrew B. Heckert, Ph.D.
Geosciences Collections Manager
New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
1801 Mountain Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104-1375


If you free yourself from the conventional reaction to a quantity like a
million years, you free yourself a bit from the boundaries of human time.
And then in a way you do not live at all, but in another way you live
     unknown geologist quoted by John McPhee in "Basin and Range"
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