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Re: Oviraptor

Jaime Headden wrote:

Lü designated his Chinese find as *Ingenia* on the basis of the pelvis
and sacrum, and to some degree, he is very pertinent on this: based only on the
hand, *Ingenia* compares well to *Heyuannia*, but its skull is largely unknown,
so it may have had the crest (only *Conchoraptor* and *Khaan* certainly didn't
have one), and Lü's find may pertain to *Ingenia*

Lü (2002) distinguish _Heyuannia_ from _Ingenia_ by the fusion of metacarpals I and II to each other and to the semilunate carpal (i.e., an incipient carpometacarpus); the presence of an additional sacral vertebra (to give a total of eight, compared to seven in _Ingenia_); and the overall shape of the ilium (iliac postacetabular process is sharply pointed, and the dorsal margin of the ilium is gently convex dorsally). Lü's (2002) description was preliminary, and the _Ingenia yanshini_ material will certainly be extremely relevant to a more comprehensive description of _Heyuannia huangi_.

after all, as both possess a supernumerary sacral count, otherwise seen in the "caenagnathid?" *Nomingia.*

I thought _Nomingia_ only had five sacral vertebrae - putting it at the low end of the oviraptorosaur range.


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