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Brett Booth's "Extinction Event"

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> Hey everyone. Nope... not in Alaska yet, though I finally graduate from my
Weather Officer Course this Wednesday... So, my time in Biloxi, MS, is
quickly coming to an end. In stead of waiting until I get to Alaska and back
on the DML, I decided to use government resources this morning to tell ya
about a neat piece of Brett Booth artwork that I came across yesterday...
that is if this subject wasn't already posted to the list...
> Apparently, Brett is involved in doing the artwork for a comic book series
entitled "Extinction Event". It's one of those fun, adventurous-type stories
with fantastic artwork that makes it an entertaining read. So far, book 3 of
5 is on the shelves this month. The story goes, that back in the ole
Cretaceous, dromaeosaurs had their intelligence enhanced by "something",
allowing them to form a society with neato keen technology and language
which allowed them to dominate the world of the dinosaurs... It's cool to
see a charging tyrannosaur decked out like an armored horse, a feathered and
beaked dromaeosaur sitting high on its back like a knight. Fun stuff.
Apparently, "something" informed the dromaeosaurs that the end was coming
soon for intelligent life, so they built cryogenic chambers for themselves.
Unfortunately, the reanimating computers failed, and they were never woken
up after the danger past. Well, leave it to humans looking at exploiting
something to inadvertantly discover and wake them up... Of course, all hell
breaks lose as the dinosaurs set out to reclaim their Earth. The extinction
event??? This time, it's the human's.
> Run by a comic store and pick this gem up. You'll get a kick out of it.
> Later.
> Kris

Just wondering what a beak is doing on a dromaeosaur.