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Re: Sexual dimorphism in moas

> Huynen, L. C.D. Millar, R.P. Scofield, and D.M. Lambert (2003).  Nuclear
> sequences detect species limits in ancient moa.  Nature 425, 175 - 178.

In the same issue, there's another paper

Michael Bunce, Trevor H. Worthy, Tom Ford, Will Hoppitt, Eske Willerslev,
Alexei Drummond & Alan Cooper: Extreme reversed sexual size dimorphism in
the extinct New Zealand moa *Dinornis*, 172 -- 175

which reaches the very same conclusions using mitochondrial DNA. It also
provides the names: the North Island species is *D. novaezelandiae* Owen,
1843, the South Island one is *D. robustus* Owen, 1846.