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Pterosaurs celebration in Italy (PROGRAM, thus a bit long)

Dear all,
sorry for the cross posting,
I wish to inform anyone interested on basal Pterosaurs and Triassic stuff in general that on november 7-8, 2003 there will be a celebration of the 30th year from the discovery of Eudimorphodon. Among the scheduled events there will be a workshop on pterosaurs and other critters with invited speakers. These latter will present communications and will discuss with the (eventual) public on november 7. The workshop will take place at the Bergamo Museum of Natural Sciences in the splendid Renaissance-epoch town of Bergamo.
An abstract volume (in English) will be printed.
Scheduled comunications are:
Morning focused on pterosaurs:
N. Bakhurina (Eudimorphodon anatomy/mechanics)
C. Bennett (Anurognathus anatomy)
F. Dalla Vecchia (overview of Triassic Pterosaurs)
D. Unwin (pterosaur phylogeny)
A. Kellner (pterosaur phylogeny)
Open discussion
Afternoon is focused on the fauna of the localities in which Eudimorphodon etc have been found):
C. Lombardo (triassic fish fauna from the Norian)
E. Gozzi (swimming mechanics of some Norian fishes and reptiles)
S. Renesto (new data on drepanosaurid anatomy and biogeography)
R. Wild (a new diapsid reptile) - hey, it's that small drepanosaurid, at least for me ;-)
S. Renesto or E. Gozzi (archosaur stuff)
A. Paganoni - curator of the Museum - (future projects and perspectives about field work etc.)
Open discussion
All, obviously, in English.
one or two additional communications might be added, but these are the confirmed ones.
On November 8 it will be possible to look at the collections (pterosaurs, drepanosaurids, the complete phytosaur, placodonts, fishes etc.) assisted by the museum staff , by me, Fabio and other colleagues, but registration is required (there is a limitation of acceptances to avoid overcrowding). Next week a complete program will be available and some, but little, change may occur.
If anyone plans to come to the workshop please send me a mail.
If anyone plans to come to the workshop **and look at the collections** please send me a mail specifying which stuff (reptiles, fishes, invertebrates, all.) he wants to see.
If anyone DOES NOT plan to come BUT IS INTERESTED in receiving the ABSTRACT VOLUME please send me a mail and I will in turn inform him about delivery times, price and how to order and pay as soon as I know them.
Thanks for the patience. Next week I will post the final schedule, and eventual details/links on logistics etc.

                                                Silvio Renesto

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