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Re: Yandusaurus multidens in SVP2003 abstracts

--- jigruiz@unizar.es wrote:
> There are lots of dinosaur papers in the SVP2003 abstracts, downloadables in:
> http://www.vertpaleo.org/meetings/VRPA2303supp_all.pdf
> One of the most interesting for ornithopod´s friends is that of Knoll &
> Barret 
> suggesting that ?Yandusaurus? multidens don´t pertain to the genus
> Yandusaurus, 
> a topic previosly discussed in this list.
> The ref is:
> Knoll, F. & Barret, P. M. 2003. Systematic revision ff "Yandusaurus"
> Multidens, a Middle Jurassic Ornithopod from China. Journal of Vertebrate
> Palaeontology, 23(supplement to number 3), 68A


I'm not sure of the exact citation, but apparently there was a paper by Knoll
in 1999 naming _Proyandusaurus_ as a new genus for _Yandusaurus multidens_. (It
also names _Eugongbusaurus_ as a new genus name for _Gongbusaurus

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