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Taxonomy (was RE: Oviraptor)

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> paul sparks
> No wonder we amaturs get confused. Nothing is what it is proported to be.
> Jeeeeeze.

Well, with all due respect, c'est la sciece.

And of course you are assuming that Currie et al.'s topology is the "right"
answer, or that there *IS* a right answer for questions of generic

> Nip********
>   Currie et al. (2003) suggest that the following topology is
> more likely to
> be
> true:
> --+--+--Albertosaurus
> | `--Gorgosaurus (= Albertosaurus?)
> `--+--+--Daspletosaurus
> | `--+--Alioramus (= Tarbosaurus?)
> | `--Tarbosaurus (= Tyrannosaurus?)
> `--+--Nanotyrannus (= Tyrannosaurus?)
> `--Tyrannosaurus
> Which throws a moneky wrench in the use of *Tarbosaurus* as a 1:1
> corrollary
> to *Tyrannosaurus*

Again, only if this topology is correct (and, as has been noted, the above
does not include postcranial characters).

And, of course, it would STILL be a "1:1 corrallar to Tyrannosaurus" if we
used Greg Paul's generic assignments (roughly, Albertosaurinae =
Albetrosaurus, and Tyrannosaurinae = Tyrannosaurus).

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