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Cryptovolans/Microraptor again

  Jaime A. Headden Wrote to me off list in response to
my Micro/Crypto question.
      ... *C. pauli* does bear a mdI-1 phalanx that
extends beyond the
joint between mcII and mdII-1, but *M. gui* does not:
detailed photographs and Xu Xing's own observations
argue that the mdI-1 is shorter. Though juvenile
proportions aside, *M. zhaoianus* also does not
preserve enough manual material to compare very well,
and the large specimens described by Hwang et al.
(2001: AMNovitates) are as in *M. gui*: mdI-1 is
shorter than mcII...

I was wondering if anyone knows of where I can find
these measurments for the manus of Crypto, and of what
specimen are they being taken from.  I can not see
that the mdI-1 is past the the joint between mcII and
mdII-1 in either specimen.  Nor can I find this in any
of the close up photographs of the juvenile specimens
Thank You
Daniel Selvidge


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