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Re: Yandusaurus multidens in SVP2003 abstracts

T. Michael Keesey:
> I'm not sure of the exact citation, but apparently there was a paper by Knoll 
> in 1999 naming _Proyandusaurus_ as a new genus for _Yandusaurus multidens_. 
> (It also names >_Eugongbusaurus_ as a new genus name for _Gongbusaurus 
> wucaiwanensis_).

The names Eugongbusaurus and Proyandusaurus were created by Fabien Knoll in the 
abstracts of the 4th EWVP (Knoll, 1999), due to a mistake of the editors of the 
volume with an early version of Fabien´s abstract.

Tim Williams :
>I also wonder if some of the taxa thought to be fabrosaurids or basal 
>might prove to be basal marginocephalians - before they "bloomed" into the 
>pachycephalosaurs and ceratopsians.

The status of the ?chinese fabrosaurids? (Agilisaurus, Gongbusaurus, 
Yandusaurus, Xiaosaurus) and any other dinosaur classed by any author as 
?fabrosaurids? (i.e. Fabrosaurus, Lesothosaurus, Pisanosaurus, Azendohsaurus, 
Galtonia, Technosaurus, Revueltosaurus, Lucianosaurus, Tatisaurus, Tawasaurus, 
Scutellosaurus, Alocodon, Nanosaurus, Trimucrodon, Echinodon, Taveirosaurus, 
?juvenil Scelidosaurus?, ?Lias Hypsilophodon?) has been revised in Knoll´s 
Thesis (Knoll, 2002), but the results had not been published yet.

Pete Buchholz:
> Barrett, when I last talked to him, viewed "Y" multidens as a member of  
> neither genus, but we should learn more on his research in a few weeks. I 
> agree with this assesment with the information I have at this point.

The fact that the especies Y. multidens should be placed in its own genus has 
been published in papers of Buchholz (1997) and Knoll (1999, 2002).

Buchholz, P. 1997. Agilisaurus and its implications for ornithopod evolution. 
Dinosaur Discoveries, 5, 3-4.

Knoll, F. 1999. The family Fabrosauridae. In J. I. Canudo & G. Cuenca-Bescós 
(Eds.): IV European Workshop on Vertebrate Palaeontology, Albarracin (Teruel, 
Spain), junio de 1999. Programme and Abstracts, Field guide. Servicio 
Publicaciones Universidad de Zaragoza, 54.

Knoll, F. 2002. Les Fabrosauridae Galton, 1972 (Dinosauria: Ornithischia): 
répartition géographique et stratigraphique, systématique et phylogénie. Ph. D. 
thesis, Muséum national d?histoire naturelle, Paris, 242 pp., LXXI pl.