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Pterosaur celebration

Silvio Renesto wrote:


I wish to inform  anyone interested on basal Pterosaurs and Triassic
stuff in general that on november 7-8, 2003 there will be a celebration
the 30th year from the discovery of Eudimorphodon.  Among the scheduled
events there will be a workshop on pterosaurs and other critters with
invited speakers. These latter will present  communications and will
discuss with the (eventual) public on november 7.  The workshop will
place at the Bergamo Museum of Natural Sciences in the splendid
Renaissance-epoch town of Bergamo.
An abstract volume (in English) will be printed.Scheduled communications
Morning focused on pterosaurs:
N. Bakhurina (Eudimorphodon anatomy/mechanics)
C. Bennett (Anurognathus anatomy)
F. Dalla Vecchia (overview of  Triassic Pterosaurs)
D. Unwin (pterosaur phylogeny)
A. Kellner (pterosaur phylogeny)


Why celebrate the 30th year of the discovery of Eudimorphodon?

Is it because National Geographic anointed Eudimorphodon as the great
grand-daddy of them all? Unwin points to Preondactylus and Kellner likes
Batrachognathus in that role.

Will anyone be discussing archosaur versus prolacertiform origins? I
haven't heard _any_ pros or cons since 2000.

David Peters
St. Louis