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19 Questions About Mickey's Analysis For Mickey

--- Mickey Mortimer:
I noticed the HTML coding as I clicked the send button.  Hopefully this
plain text version works for all.


- Tyrannosauroids were constrained to be coelurosaurs after they appeared as
carnosaurs continually. Ornitholestestiids appearing as carnosaurs now is
most peculiar.

Actually, it's not too far from Paul (1988), you just need yangchuanosaurs (Sinraptor) falling out as non-avetheropods. What supports tyrannosauroids as carnosaurs? What taxa are included in Tyrannosauroidea when it is part of the Carnosauria?

Take a look at this 90% majority rule consensus (259430 mpt's)-

|  `--+--Allosaurus
|     `--+--Proceratosaurus
|        `--+--Ornitholestes
|           `--+--Scipionyx
|              `--+--Sinosauropteryx
|                 `--Compsognathus

1. What is keeping Monolophosaurus out of the Carnosauria? 2. What is supporting the internal topology within the Carnosauria?

   |  `--Bagaraatan

3. What is uniting this odd union, a non-monotypic Dryptosauridae at last?

      `--+--"Chilantaisaurus" maortuensis
         `--+--YPM 1996 (supposed Morrison enigmosaur)

4. Did you try constraining for a monophyly of Tyrannosauridae and Eotyrannus?

                        |  |  |--Deinocheirus
                        |  |  |--Archaeornithomimus
                        |  |  `--Ornithomimidae
                        |  `--+--Richardoestesia
                        |     `--+--Erliansaurus
                        |        `--+--Protarchaeopteryx
                        |           `--+--+--Alxasaurus
                        |              |  `--Nanshiungosaurus
                        |              `--+--Neimongosaurus
                        |                 |--Nothronychus
                        |                 `--+--Beipiaosaurus
                        |                    `--+--Erlikosaurus
                        |                       `--+--Segnosaurus
                        |                          `--Therizinosaurus

5. What is uniting this Sereno-esque arrangement?

                           |  |  `--Pelecanimimus
                           |  `--+--Archaeornithoides
                           |     `--+--Patagonykus
                           |        `--+--Alvarezsaurus
                           |           `--Mononykinae

6. What is uniting the monophyly of Harpymimus and Pelecanimimus?

                              |  `--+--IGM 100/44 (Early Cretaceous
troodontid of Barsbold et al. 1987)
                              |     `--+--Itemirus
                              |        `--+--Sinornithoides
                              |           `--+--Troodon
                              |              `--+--Saurornithoides
                              |                 `--Saurornithoides junior

7. What supports Itemirus as a troodontid?

                                    |  `--+--Sinornithosaurus
                                    |     `--+--+--Bambiraptor
                                    |        |  `--NGMC 91

8. What is uniting the monophyly of NGMC 91 and Bambiraptor?

                                    |        `--+--Yixianosaurus
                                    |           |--Saurornitholestes
                                    |           |--+--IGM 100/1015
                                    |           |  `--+--Deinonychus
                                    |           |     `--Velociraptor
                                    |           `--+--Utahraptor
                                    |              |--Achillobator
                                    |              `--Variraptor

9. What is uniting Yixianosaurus with these deinonychosaurs?


10. Why is Byronosaurus falling out with the avialans? 11. Did you try constraining it as a troodontid?

`--+--+--Microraptor zhaoianus
| `--+--Microraptor gui
| `--Cryptovolans

12. What is uniting the "microraptors"?

| `--Archaeopteryx

13. What is uniting scansoriopterygids with Archaeopteryx?
14. Did you try constraining for Yixianosaurus as the sistergroup of Scansoriopterygidae, just for the sake of it?

| | `--Omnivoropteryx

15. What supports Wellnhofferia as closer to modern birds than Archaeopteryx?
16. What unites Sapeornis with Omnivoropteryx?
17. What unites these taxa (omnivoropterygids?) with oviraptorosaurs?
18. What unites oviraptorosaurs with the more derived avialans?

| `--+--Avimimus
| `--+--"Grusimimus"

19. Isn't "Grusimimus" supposedly a type of ornithomimosaur, what's supporting it here instead?

Overall, I found the tree rather interesting. Perhaps in future updates, you could provide supports for the "more interesting" nodes. It might stimulate some good discussions.

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