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Re: Age of Gobi formations

Tim Donovon (sirius531@yahoo.com) wrote:

<The basalts are at "Chuluut Uul" not in the far overlying Nemegt.>

  Donovon had cited Shuvalov as the basis of the dating of the basalts, which
indicate the basalts were in the "Barungoyotian." If he could provide the
reference for THIS date I would appreciate it as well. As stated before, there
seems to be some suspect here about where the basalts derive, for Shuvaloc and
Nikolayeva (1985) indicated the materials came from the "barungoyotskaya svita,"
which has nto changed I think in its relation to the Nemegt or how much of it
may be Nemegtian, as the Barun Goyot and Nemegt are easily differentiable.

<See page 261. The IGEM figure is 75 Ma. But newer dating indicates an age of c
73 Ma, with a much smaller margin of error.>

  And the reference for this newer dating? (I do not have the book myself, as I


  Jaime A. Headden

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