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Re: Yandusaurus multidens in SVP2003 abstracts

T. Michael Keesey wrote:

I'm not sure of the exact citation, but apparently there was a paper by Knoll
in 1999 naming _Proyandusaurus_ as a new genus for _Yandusaurus multidens_. (It
also names _Eugongbusaurus_ as a new genus name for _Gongbusaurus

The relevant abstract can be found at:


Fabien Knoll regards _Gongbusaurus shiyii_ as a nomen dubium, but _G. wucaiwanensis_ as valid, thereby necessitating a new genus to receive the latter.

As stated in the abstract, Knoll also regards _Fabrosaurus australis_ as a nomen dubium, but upholds the validity of the family name Fabrosauridae. Unfortunately, it's both or neither; a family cannot be erected upon an indeterminate genus (or shouldn't be - though Ceratopsidae and Titanosauridae are probable exceptions to this rule.)

Jaime Headden wrote:

This is based a lot on the absence of a single, strong vertical crest on the teeth, and large secondary ridges, forming a continuous, crenellated tooth margin appearing as scalloped clam valves. This feature
occurs in *Muttaburasaurus,* *Tenontosaurus tillettorum* (but not *T. dossi*), *Rhabdodon*
and *Zalmoxes,* *Qantassaurus* and *Atlascopcosaurus.*

It just so happens that Pincemaille (1999 - another EWVP abstract) found that _Rhabdodon_ forms a clade with _Muttaburrasaurus_ and _Tenontosaurus_.

*Q.* and *A.* differ only in relative tooth count with similar size, otherwise they'd be specific

Associated with the lower tooth count is the fact that the dentary of _Qantassaurus_ is significantly shorter than that of _Atlascopcosaurus_.


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