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Re: 19 Questions About Mickey's Analysis For Mickey

Nicholas Gardner wrote-

>> A question about this is, I've been setting it to find only the 100 most
> parsimonious trees (on your suggestion, IIRC) and I was wondering if that
> has an affect on the results.  Have you checked this in your analysis?
> how do you set 90% majority rule consensus trees in PAUP?

I never suggested finding only the first 100 mpt's.  This is bad because 1.
a shorter tree may not become apparent until over 100 trees of a greater
length are found, and 2. the ratio of how often certain topologies appear in
the mpt's will be skewed.
To get a 90% majority rule, I simply type in-

contree "1-x" majrule = yes

With x being the amount of mpt's PAUP found.  Then I check the majority rule
tree for those nodes supported in >90% of the mpt's.  There is a way to make
PAUP display a specific percent majority rule, but I haven't used it yet.

> Have you tried running NGMC 2124 as a
> separate OTU or are you only coding Sinosauropteryx after the original
> specimens (excluding NGMC 2124)?

Only after the original two specimens, though I may try to code NGMC 2124
and/or Huang's new "compsognathid" later.

> >             `--+--+--+--Avimimus
> >                |  |  `--+--Patagonykus
> >                |  |     `--+--Alvarezsaurus
> >                |  |        `--Mononykinae
> This position for Avimimus is not uncommon in your analysis.  If you ever
> publish, I'd be interested to see what supports it. ^_^

Off the top of my head- no dorsal pleurocoels, fused quadrate and
quadratojugal, no dorsal jugal process, single distal humeral condyle, seven
sacral vertebrae.

> I'd like to advance that Therizinosaurus, Segnosaurus, and Erlikosaurus
> be reunited with the other segnosaurs when you finish adding characters to
> your analysis.  Also, Nomingia is an oviraptorid, as advanced by the
> original authors, no?  What taxa are you coding your Oviraptoridae OTU on?

I agree the segnosaurs will be monophyletic when I finish.
I don't agree that Nomingia is an oviraptorid, though it may be caenagnathid
or caudipterygid.
Oviraptoridae is coded using Oviraptor, Citipati, Khaan, ZPAL MgD-I/95,
Conchoraptor, Ingenia and Heyuannia, as well as unnamed and unpublished

> I assume that the "birdy" deinonychosaurs are united in part by their
> bird-like characteristics, and therefore I'll suggest that they might
> Deinonychosauria (sensu your analysis) to become paraphyletic and they
> themselves ultimately become avialans.

Perhaps.  I'm confused by the attraction Microraptor zhaoianus and
Utahraptor have for each other.  Not always sister groups, but often closer
to each other than M. zhaoianus is to M. gui and Cryptovolans.

Mickey Mortimer