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Re: Shapiro et al.'s new ornithomimosaur

---Tim Williams wrote:
To rephrase the question: Given the fact that you believe the arctomet condition evolved multiple times in coelurosaurs, do you think the near-arctomet condition of _Microraptor_ as (a) incipient or (b) a secondary reversal of the fully arctomet condition.

Mea culpa. I'm sorry for not understanding you earlier.

My point isn't as much that it developed multiple times in coelurosaurs but that it was not a maniraptoriform character and it was not basal to Ornithomimosauria. Shapiro et al. (2003) seem to assume that (following Holtz 2001 apparently) the arctometatarsalian condition is basal for ornithomimosaur and that therefore the condition in Harpymimus and Garudimimus is a reversal. I disagree, but this is drawing from the various analyses by others, it is not an original idea by any means.

Honestly, I do not know about Microraptor. I would like to some day prepare a phylogenetic analysis of a large enough scale to get an idea. Offhand, I would assume it's incipient.

Have a lovely evening

Nick Gardner

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