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Re: Age of Gobi formations

I'm sorry if I seem nit-picky, but after all, science requires precision and accuracy. Proper terminology must be used, and certain nomenclatural rules must be followed. The Sundance Formation does NOT overlay the Buckhorn Conglomerate, does NOT overly the Morrison Formation, and has NEVER been considered to be Lower Cretaceous. It underlies and interfingers with parts of the LOWER Morrison Formation and has ALWAYS been considered to be Upper Jurassic. Perhaps you're confusing the Sundance with the Dakota Formation (a marine unit that interfingers with the Cloverly Fm.)? At any rate, there is no point further debating the stratigraphy of the Sundance-Morrison-Clovery interval and its lateral equivalents when all you'd need to do to settle this is to crack open a text or some papers on the relevant formations. Just trying to help.

The Sniffer

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