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some papers + alvarezsaurid questions

Hi dear DML members!
I have several questions about Shuvuuia specimens. Chiappe et all, 1998
wrote that there had been rcovered over 20 alvarezsaurid specimens from
Mongolia. Norell, 1997 wrote that  more than 10 specimens had been rcovered
form Ukhaa Tolgod. I khow only about these specimens:
AMNH 6524: ?Shuvuuia, ?Bayn Dzak
IGM 100/99: Shuvuuia, Tugrugeen Shireh
IGM 100/975: Shuvuuia, Ukhaa Tolgod
IGM 100/977: Shuvuuia, Ukhaa Tolgod
IGM 100/1001: Shuvuuia, Ukhaa Tolgod
IGM 107/6: Mononykus, Bugin-Tsav.
What  about other specimens?
If anyone have the following papers please, send them to me.
Macovicky & Norell, 1998; A partial ornithomimid braincase from  Ukhaa
Tolgod (upper Cretaceous, Mongolia).
Norell & Macovicky, 1997; Important features of the dromaeosaurid skeleton:
Information from a new specimen.
Norell & Macovicky ,1999; Important features of the dromaeosaurid skeleton
2: Information from newly collected specimens of Velociraptor mongoliensis.
Perle et all, 1994; Skeletal morphology of Mononykus olecranus (Theropoda,
Avialae) from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia.
Thanks a lot in advance!

P.S. I have the descriptoin of Parvicursor. If you whant to see a scan just
ask me.