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Re: Feduccia Reviews Paul's DOTA, Comments

Nick Garder (ratites637@hotmail.com) pointed out:

<The only published response (that I am aware of) to the ABSRDists claims that
Caudipteryx is a flightless bird, is-

L.M. Chiappe & Gareth J. Dyke (2002).  The Mesozoic Radiation of Birds. Annu.
Rev. Ecol. Sys. 33:91-124.>

  Prior to this, and where I intended to discuss where in the post I wrote
"~~~~," Christensen and Bonde (2002) contradicted the so-called avian morphology
and GC data of Jones et al. by recalculating CG and using lung volumes and other
dinosaurs, including oviraptorosaurs with forward CG, showing that Caudipteryx
with its not-so-long tibia and not-so-short femora is, in fact, very

Christensen, P. and N. Bonde. 2002. Limb proportions and avian terrestrial
locomotion. _Journal of Ornithology_ 143:356-371.

<He also refers to oviraptorosaurs as "oviraptorosaurids".  I often see that,
isn't that incorrect?>

  Very. I think this is coming from various papers that have mistakenly written
this, but as there is no *Oviraptorosaurus,* there is no Oviraptorosauridae.


  Jaime A. Headden

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to walk soft, walk small, see the world around us rather than zoom by it.

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