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Vanished Giants of W.A.

Dr John Long of the Western Australian museum is conducting a lecture at
the Monash Science Centre (Monash University) in Clayton, Victoria:

Vanished Giants of Western Australia
7:30 PM Wednesday, 1st of October
$8.00 ($5.00 children)

The lecture discusses W.A. fossils from large Devonian fish to marsupial
megafauna, and everything in between. It includes some of the stuff
found recently in the eastern Nullabor caves - like the horned 'roos,
and the most complete Thylacoleo skeletons known.

Sauropod tracks up to 1.3 metres in width have apparently now been
formally described (anyone have any refs?), suggesting beasties of
similar size to some of S.Americas mega-titanosaurs. 

To register attendance, call 9905 1370 or email

Monash Science Centre
Monash University
Building 74 (access via Normanby Rd)
Clayton, Victoria


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