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Re: New Isle of Wight Pterosaur.

 --- Christopher Collinson
<Chris_Collinson@monarch.net> wrote: >
> Exerpt:
> The Isle of Wight specimen is even more remarkable,
> however, in possessing
> not only a keel-like snout crest but also a
> backward-projecting bony crest.
> This is similar to that of the famous North American
> Pteranodon (itself not
> an ornithocheirid but a distant relative).
> This is the first I've heard of this intresting
> find. Does anyone have any
> additional Information?

I believe that Lorna Steel has given a presentation on
this specimen at the SVPCA meeting in Oxford. Sadly, I
was unable to attend, but I'm sure someone else here
can give us a short desription of what she had to say.

Simon M. Clabby

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