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Project Exploration's 2003 Niger Expedition

Posted for Project Exploration.   -Mary

Starting Monday, September 22, log on to www.projectexploration.org and
visit Dr. Paul Sereno's expedition!

Between September 22 and December 1, when you log on to
www.projectexploration.org, you will have direct access to discoveries
as they happen - and to the team of the 2003 Expedition to Niger.
Dinosaur Expedition 2003 is a free-access website created by Project
Exploration as part of our ongoing mission to make science accessible to
the public -especially city kids and girls.

Sereno's 2003 Expedition has an ambitious itinerary that will take the
team criss-crossing northern Niger. This year the team will return to
fossil-rich areas discovered during earlier expeditions - as well as
prospect areas in Niger no paleontologists have been to before. The
overarching goal - to uncover Niger's youngest dinosaurs.

Read the questions from our School Partners! Send the team a message on
the Message Board! Choose your favorite photo in the Image Gallery and
turn it into a postcard! Best of all, read about the team's decisions,
challenges, and daily life in the field.

This internet intitiatve is made possible thanks to the generous support
of many indivduals as well as The National Geographic Education
Foundation, Telenor, and the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago-area readers, this fall, keep an eye out for exclusive
stories in the Chicago Tribune TEMPO section!

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