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Auk reviews


I might be able to give you some information  on the Feduccia review. It
certainly is possible to respond to almost everything published in the
Auk. The reviews themselves are handled by a review Editor. Most (but not
all) are actually invited and the Review and the Head editor often
consult on 1) if the book should be reviewed and 2) who should be
reviewer. Ultimately, all reviews are ultimately checked by the Editor of
the Auk, always for both content and style. I was editor for 10 years,
and  certainly this was the policy I followed. There have been cases
where several reviews of the same book were published simultaneously.
This is very effect, especially if the book is controversial. I cannot
speak for the current editor, but a response could certainly be possible.

The idea of publishing reviews in the Auk is to inform the community of
the existence and nature of the publication. Books are generally supplied
by the publisher, either unsolicited or at the editors request. A good
review editor should be proactive in both selection of books to review
and authors to review them. Generally, reviews do not go through the peer
review system as would a regular paper, but they are certainly checked by
the editors. By the way, it is my guess that the line "cranial kineses or
birdlike feathers..." has a typo: feathers should be features.

The way a matter like this has been handled in the past it to published a
"Commentary". The mss, in this case a response would, as a matter of
course, be submitted to the original author, who may or may not respond.
Then it ends. When I was editor, this turned out to be a bit of fun, some
feelings were hurt, but no damage was done.

I suggest that anyone who is interested or motivated enough prepare a
response and submit it to the Auk. Instructions to Authors are given in
each issue.


Alan Brush
92 High Street
Mystic, CT. 06355
(860) 572-1717