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re: New Isle of Wight Pterosaur

I seem to remember from the programme that there was
something about the nasal suture being different to
that of Coloborhynchus, but how, I'm afraid, I cannot
say, as it was about a month ago, and my memory isn't
that good. It was on that basis, as well as the
parietal crest, that it was established as a new
genus. Though they didn't mention Ornithocheirus in
that programme, which struck me as odd...

Simon M. Clabby

> Good news, but perhaps not so remarkable. The basal
> ornithocheirid,
> Haopterus also has a parietal crest that one can
> find within the jumble.
> Slightly more primitive is Cycnorhamphus, which has
> a indisputable crest
> and even more primitive is Frey and Tischlinger's
> Pterodactylus, which
> has a small soft backward-projecting crest. Other
> more typical
> ornithocheirids sometimes have what appears to be a
> possible crest
> broken at the base. Sometimes the entire skull cap
> is missing.
> No other information on the Wight pterosaur. Sorry.
> But thanks for the
> url!
> David Peters
> St. Louis

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