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DA review - short

Just finished it.

Greg Paul's 'Dinosaurs of the Air' is simply great.

A great history of the bird/dinosaur argument.
A great education in bird anatomy, paleontology, cladistics and, if you
read between the lines -- human nature and the refusal of certain egos
to acknowledge points of view, observations, and even facts different
than their own paradigm.
A great leap forward in new understanding of the bird/dinosaur
A great instruction book for artists.
A great companion into the wee hours.

Two alulae up ~!

David Peters
St. Louis

PS Greg, I'll thank you personally at SVP ~ not only for seeing further
by standing on the shoulders of giants, but for being a giant yourself
(that big book was a huge accomplishment!), and thereby letting your
readers stand on your shoulders to extend their vision.