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RE: questions and comments about new research

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> Tim Donovan
>   Sampson et al suggest...

>  Wegmeister mentions...


>  Andy Farke notes...


Need I even have to say it? Wait for the Presentations!!

>  Witzke states that if the the Dinosaur Park formation did not
> exist, the Hell Creek fauna would be the most diverse known for
> the Cretaceous. Doesn't the Horseshoe Canyon formation yield
> centrosaurines and saurolophines lacking in the Hell Creek? The
> Nemegt formation and ther LK Asian units lack ceratopsids but
> yield sauropods, therizinosaurs etc lacking in the American unit.

Two things, even with the "W4TP" caveat: "fauna" doesn't necessarily mean
"dinosaurian fauna", although I'd have to go back to the abstract to check
for certain.

However, diversity in this context is almost certain "number of species",
which is currently higher in the Hell Creek than the Horseshoe Canyon.
Disparity, however, is probably higher in the Horseshoe Canyon for the
reasons you mention.

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