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RE: 2 questions about characters

> 5 kB isn't long.

Oh well, it seemed long enough to me, since after all, this is not a
cladistics list,  I feel guilty.

> Well... usually, when you turn binary into multistate characters, you end
> with inapplicable codings. And few programs (I only know NONA) can
> handle inapplicable codings. Hennig86 pretends this ability, but treats
> as "?", and PAUP* has never heard of inapplicability.

Eh... when you say 'inapplicable codings' do you mean that the program can't
use the characters in the matrix  because it only recognizes 1's and 0's and
not things like 2's or 3's?

> > what's the good in these multistate characters?
> Well, some characters simply have more than 2 states.

Yeah, but if you can turn multistate characters into 2 state characters,
say, to avoid the inapplicable codings you mention above (if I'm
interpreting the term correctly), what's the use of multistates? that's why
I was asking for an example, let's say we use the ratio of length of the
proximal and distal elements of the hind limbs, is it better to divide the
measurements in several intervals (multistate) or just use 2 intervals?

> > and is this analogous to saying "I have no idea what this means, let's
> > another character and let's just draw a '?' here"?
> What other character?

I meant "I have no idea what this means, let's not use this particular
character and let's draw instead a '?' here"

> I can only think of the manual of PAUP*. Shall I send it to you (pdf)? In
> addition (and more up-to-date), the FAQ is here:
> http://paup.csit.fsu.edu/paupfaq/faq.html.

Thanks for the link (and thanks for your reply of course) and I would be
very grateful if you did send me the .pdf of the manual, if it's not too
much trouble.

Thanks again,