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With Libratus and Gorgosaurus For All

Hi everybody :-)
I'm working on _Gorgosaurus_ and, as is all too often the case with the older
individuals, I found several conflicting translations for both the generic
and specific names.

I'm pretty sure that _Gorgosaurus_ means "Terrible lizard" and not "Gorgon
lizard" as Lambe derived the name from the Greek word "Gorgos" (terrible,
fierce, swift, etc.) which ALSO brought about the name "Gorgon" and not the
other way around.

But as for the species name, _libratus_?  Some sources say it means "free,"
but I am skeptical.  My source says _liberatus_ means "freed" (_liber_ =
free; _atus_ = result of, state of, act of).  _libratus_ on the other hand is
translated as "Balanced or poised" (_libra_ = "the scales" or a pair of
scales; _atus_ = result of, state of, act of).

Do any of you good people know what Lambe originally intended the name to
mean?  Or at least better reference material then an old college edition

I would certainly appreciate any and all help.
Tommy Bradley :-)

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