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Re: DA reviews

--- Jaime Headden <ja_headden@qilong.8m.com> wrote:
> Greg Paul (GSP1954@aol.com) wrote:
> <BTW, it is DA, not DOTA, just as it is PDW, not PDOTW.>
>  I think that. like the historic usage of PDW, the historic prevalent useage
> DOTA is memorable and more likely to be recalled that DA, which refers to
> things in one's collective memory. I think one should go with the flow if the
> list will use DOTA, rather than force some form of continuity between
> abbreviations.

You could always use "DotA". I have actually seen "PDotW" and "PDOTW" used in
addition to "PDW". (And "DA" already means "district attorney", although in
context it is unlikely you would ever confuse the two....)

In the end, whatever the masses say and understand is "right", with the
possible exception of terminology, such as Linnaean binomials, which is
regulated by some body. (And even then it's opt-in or opt-out -- it just
happens in this case that pretty much all researchers opt in.)

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