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Re: With Libratus and Gorgosaurus For All

> But as for the species name, _libratus_?  Some sources say it means
> but I am skeptical.  My source says _liberatus_ means "freed" (_liber_ =
> free; _atus_ = result of, state of, act of).

Err... nope. You can't stick _-atus_ everywhere. In this case it happens to
work: _liber/libera/liberum_ = free (the adjective), _liberare_ = free (the
verb), _liberatus/-a/-um_ = freed. (Yes, the -t- and the -d are homologous.)

> _libratus_ on the other hand is translated as "Balanced or poised"

And this, an allusion to the horizontal bipedal posture, is indeed intended.