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Re: Deinonychus koreanensis

Thomas de Wilde wrote-

> Could anybody send me some info about Deinonychus koreanensis?
> (for instance what gender it really belongs to or something else)

The species is a nomen nudum, so hasn't been properly described yet.  Very
few people on this list have even seen the single published photograph.  I
know I haven't.  I don't trust Kim's assignment of it to Deinonychus or the
Dromaeosauridae, seeing how much he changed his mind in the past.  So if
this much is uncertain, things like which gender it belonged to (known only
for one Sinosauropteryx specimen among non-avian dinosaurs) are definitely

"Koreanosaurus" Kim 1979
= Deinonychus "koreanensis" Kim 1993
Aptian-Albian, Early Cretaceous
Dogyedong Formation, South Korea
Material- femur, planar element
Description- fourth trochanter present.
Comments- Originally referred to the Deinodontidae, and after the
Hypsilophodontidae (Kim, 1983).  By 1986, Kim had decided it was perhaps
synonymous with Deinonychus.  In 1993, the name Deinonychus "koreanensis"
was used in a photo caption and faunal list.  Lee et al. (2001) remove the
specimen from Deinonychus, based on the presence of a fourth trochanter.
However, Deinonychus varies in the presence of this character.
References- Kim, 1983. Cretaceous dinosaurs from Korea. Journal of the
Geological Society of Korea. 19(3) 115-126.
Kim, 1993. Journal of Natural History and Environments Vol 1 #1, June 1993.
Published by the World Society of Natural History and Environments, Pusan
University, Pusan, Korea. ISSN 1225-6404.
Lee, Yuong-Nam, Kang-Min Yu, and Craig B. Wood. 2001. A review of vertebrate
faunas from the Gyeongsang Supergroup (Creataceous) in South Korea.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 165: 357-373.

Mickey Mortimer