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Oldest dinosaur fossil found * Swiss Dinosaur footprints found * Feds say scientific data being lost * Cooling Climate Culprit in Dinosaur Extinction

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**  Dinosaur footprints found
Some 50 Jurassic-era dinosaur footprints have been discovered near a highway
construction site in a mountainous region of Switzerland

**  Feds say scientific data being lost
Government and academic palaeontologists say fossil poachers, particularly
those who are poorly equipped and unskilled, are costing the public valuable
scientific information and precious resources

**  Oldest dinosaur fossil found
An international team of palaeontologists has found a dinosaur fossil dating
back more than 180 million years and believed to be one of the oldest ever

**  5th Avenue Dinosaur Vandalized
"Flossasaurus" has 93 hand-sculpted teeth, and even her own toothbrush and
toothpaste - but she no longer has her left horn


**  The Isle of Wight pterosaur
Only one kind of pterosaur is well known in the Lower Cretaceous rocks of
the Isle of Wight, an unusual long-skulled form with odd petal-shaped teeth
called Istiodactylus latidens

**  Tyrannosaurus was little more more than a 7 tonne plodding vulture
Exactly a century ago, fossil hunters in the United States discovered the
dinosaur that has the reputation of the mightiest and meanest monster of all
time. AUDIO

**  Arena bones up on dinosaurs
In what promises to be the largest collection of dinosaurs ever to roam the
state, a 53,000-square- foot collection stuffed with prehistoric beasts will
make a one-month run at the Pepsi Center

**  Cooling Climate Culprit in Dinosaur Extinction
"By the time you've got to the K/T boundary (the end of the Cretaceous
period when the dinosaurs became extinct) there's been almost 10 degrees of
cooling. That long-term cooling appears to carry on into the Paleocene
across the boundary."

**  Brushes with History
Steven J. Jabo really digs his job. Mr. Jabo is a "vertebrate paleontology
preparator" for the National Museum of Natural History in Washington

**  Is this what killed the dinosaurs?
The extinction of the dinosaurs - thought to be caused by an asteroid impact
some 65 million years ago - was more likely to have been caused by a 'mantle
plume' - a huge volcanic eruption from deep within the earth's mantle, the
region between the crust and the core of the earth

**  Review:  A Century of Australian Dinosaurs

**  Vanished Giants of Western Australia

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