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Re: No frills look at ceratopsids

Yes, they use these horns for fighting.  They will thrash around and stick you 
with them if you are holding them too tight, but they don't use them for 
predator defense much.  Wouldn't do them much good.  Triceratops had a better 
chance, because they didn't have to deal with birds and snakes...just T-rexes.

Very few people can get them to fight, though, as they will usually keep to 
themselves, but during the breeding season, when territory is more important, 
they'll get tough.  when two equals meet, and one doens't back down, they'll 
fight.  They display, hiss, puff up, then charge.  For slow things like them, 
they fight really nasty.  Stabbing, pushing, trying to flip each other.  
Sometimes they even break horns in the process.  Most other chameleons that 
have horns have much different horns.  Jackson's chameleon, the most famous 3 
horn chameleon, have a huge nose horn, and smaller orbital horns, and they are 
much thinker in proportion.  The deremensis have horns that look much more like 
triceratops, and they're a hell of a lot sharper than other chameleons horns.