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Re: Frills & spills

who the heck is HP Carpenter? Related to HP Lovecraft? : )
Anyway, my comment about generalities is more general: that because some 
ceratopsians are found in bonebeds (hence social), that ALL ceratopsians were 
Add to the mix, I don't know of any protoceratopsid bone beds (aside from 
groups of hatchlings/very young individuals).

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>>> Mike Taylor mike@indexdata.com> 23/Sep/03 >>
Finally, while I tremble to contradict HP Carpenter ("No sweeping
generalities about herding can be made"), I thought it was the case
that most or maybe even all ceratopsian bonebeds are of centrosaurine
species ... though it's perfectly possible that he knows of chasmosaur
bonebeds that I wot not of.