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Re: Frills & spills

General question spawned by the comments below:  Is there any review/papers
out there that take a good look at the evidence for ceratopsid horn use in
predation defense?  (Specifically, are there any poor tyrannosaurs etc out
there showing damage likely from a ceratopsid?)

The reason I ask, of course, is that the evidence for intraspecific combat
use is quite strong (and pretty much expected), but I've never been
completely sold on the idea of ceratopsids wheeling around and trying to
stab offensive predators.  I'll check out Happ's abstract in the current
volume, but frill damage doesn't really indicate the frill was a guard...

--Mike Habib


"They could have made it more difficult for a tyrannosaur to strike the
unprotected sides, if the stracosaur kept facing its opponent. Tyrannosaur
bodies were horizontal, so I don't think they towered above a ceratopsid."

"actually I think that they protect the muscles that attached to the
superior temporal fenestra.  Could this be it.....is there any ceratopsian
frill which has bite mark on it"

"... would probably be more useful for "largest predator on earth deterrent"
than anythin else..."