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Re: marginal differences

> >From: zone65 <zone65@telstra.com>
> >How do the two species of Triceratops differ? Again, it's not just 
> a matter 
> >of splitting hairs?
> Forster (1996) characterized _Triceratops horridus_ as having a 
> long 
> rostrum, an open postfrontal fontanelle, and relatively long 
> supraorbital 
> horncores.  She characterized _T. prosus_ as having a short 
> rostrum, a 
> closed postfrontal fontanelle, and relatively short horns.  As 
> Lehman (1998) 
> argues, however, these two morphs span "a gradational 
spectrum of 
> variation" 
> and thus there is likely only one valid species of _Triceratops_, 
> he 
> concludes.
> Jordan Mallon

Thanks - I'd concur that one Triceratops is enough.

Peter M