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Re: Frills & spills

Well, you don't see many animals on nature films wheeling around to face down a 
lion or cheetah, but they do it on occation.  Their first response is to flee.  
When dealing with a large group of predators(as most african preadotors, except 
leopards and cheetahs are) unless the rest of the herd is there with you, 
you're in bad shape.  

Cape buffalo tend to use their horns to ward off lions quite often, and not too 
many things will mess with rhinos and elephants.  Warthogs'swill do it, I've 
seen a lion mortally wounded by one, even though te rest of the pride killed 
the pig...

One of the most violent defensive strikes I;ve seen was a a cheetah attacking 
a...(whatever the things are that have REALLY long, sharp, rear-upward pointing 
straight horns--ibex?)
Well, she was desparate, cause she had starving cubs, otherwise, she'd usually 
not go after something so big.  Well, she caught it, and brought it down, but 
the thing, on the ground, turned and impaled the cheetah.  put liike a foot of 
horn through it.  Really painful looking.  Of course, the cheetah and her 
babies ended up dying from that.