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Re: Frills & spills

>Rhinos will charge almost anything except for an adult elephant (but
>I've seen footage of them harassing baby elephants).

I recall seeing a nature show (Park Life Africa?) in which several
bull elephants were killing rhinos in a game preserve. Eventually a
few rhinos ganged up on them and convinced them that going around
bumping off animals with large pointy things on their faces maybe
isn't such a hot idea as it seems on paper.

Yes, apparently some calves were relocated into a park devoid of other elephants. Without parental guidance, on "how an elephant should conduct oneself," these animals grew up as savannah bullies, and then went around killing petty indiscriminately! I remember seeing some horrific rhino' wounds on the elephants -feet long! ...I believe these animals now live in relative harmony.

Compared to a rhino, it seems the potential for damage to a predatory Tyrannosaurus rex by a large healthy Triceratops is vast. Could a Tyrannosaurus risk such terrible injuries? Is it not possible that Tyrannosaurus would follow migrating dinosaur herds (those ceratopsians that may have migrated in herds) and picked off the unhealthy stragglers? ...but, maybe, also steeling/scavenging kills from other smaller predators, like a Cretaceous bully?

Bob Nicholls

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