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Re: Frills & spills

There was a show we watched back in HS.  They had a night vision camera on a 
water hole at night.  A cape buffalo and a rhino met up,and faced each other 
down over rights to the hole, and the buffalo chased the rhino away.  Pretty 

For those bully elephants, in an example I saw, what was done to stop it was a 
bit different.  They took those elephants from other areas when young, and they 
had not big males to push them around and keep them in line, so they became 
thugs.  they transplanted a few big, dominant bulls in and that cured the rhino 

As far as T rex being a scavenger, it is absolutly STUPID to ARGUE over things 
that cannot be proven with current evidence.  Argue over evidence, sure, but a 
behavior is not something we can get through simple bones of T rex.  
Scavenging is something practiced by nearly ALL carnivores--so it would be 
impossible to disprove that it scavenged.  

Horner argues that the little arms and good sense of smell are scavenger 
traits.  He totallyy ignores the idea that the arms were reduced in size as 
they were of trivial use when a massive head with teeth is in an even better 
spot for killing.  He ignores the possibility that being able to smell LIVING 
prey is just as important as smelling dead carrion.  
They only possible way for this to be solved is to find a herbivore with healed 
up wounds caused by a tyranosaur.  

when looking at pure scavengers today, all we find are flying ones.  Hyenas 
hunt when they have to.  They're so big and so lethal in a pack, that often, 
they simply don't have to hunt.  

T rex's probably did the same.  If they didn't hunt triceratops, what killed 
them?  Surely not something significantly SMALLER then T rexes.