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RE: Frills & spills

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> >>  ...but, maybe, also steeling/scavenging kills from other smaller
> >>predators, like a Cretaceous bully???
> >
> >What other predators?
> I'm asking you guys.  Is a "Cretaceous bully," a kill thief,
> Tyrannosaurus
> rex implausible?

The technical term for a "kill thief" is a cleptoparasite.

At present we have no other large bodied theropods in the Hell Creek, with
the possible exception of Nanotyrannus (if it is a distinct taxon), which
itself would have "suffered" from essentially all the same "problems" Horner
has postulated for T. rex.

The next largest definitely carnivorous theropod in the Lancian were
dromaeosaurids smaller than humans.  (Ornithomimosaurs and oviraptorosaurs
of the Lancian were bigger, but are not definitely carnivorous).

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