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Aviatyrannis & SVPCA

Re: _Aviatyrannis_, the Portugese _Stokesosaurus_ material 
from the Alcobaca Formation Rauhut (2000) refers to in 
Martin & Krebs _IS_ the holotype of _Aviatyrannis_.

The holotype (IPFUB Gui Th 1) is a right ilium; a 
fragmentary ilium and partial right ischium are also referred 
to the same taxon, as are the seven premaxillary teeth 
described by Zinke (1998).

_Aviatyrannis_ would have been tiny as the ilium is only 90 
mm long. The holotype ilium is clearly different from that 
of _Stokesosaurus_ in being longer for its height and with a 
vertical (rather than caudodorsally inclined) supra-
acetabular ridge. Intriguingly, the ilium described by Foster 
and Chure (2000) - and referred by them to 
_Stokesosaurus_ - more recalls that of _Aviatyrannis_ and 
thus could be a N. American representative of this taxon. 
Bakker's (2000) isolated Morrison Fm tooth is also said here 
to be from a tyrannosauroid, perhaps from _Aviatyrannis_, 
and differs from the Morrison Fm tyrannosauroid teeth 
reported by Ford and Chure (2001).

Rauhut further suggests that _Iliosuchus_ might 
conceivably represent another Jurassic tyrannosauroid, 
though he does say that more material is needed to establish 
this. Apparently an ilium referred to _Iliosuchus_ (OUM 
29871) has an elongate pubic peduncle.

Still haven't had time to do a writeup of SVPCA (I moved 
house the week before SVPCA, and am right now preparing 
for the British Dinosaurs Seminar, so have little time). 
Please do though go and look at the official conference 
photo at..


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