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Re: Lodging Directory On-Line

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Andy Farke wrote:
> The Museum Lodging Directory is now posted on the SVP website (under "paleo 
> information," and "museum lodging directory); you can get to it from a link 
> on the main page (http://www.vertpaleo.org), or go directly to:
> http://www.vertpaleo.org/jobs/lodging.html
> To quote the description on the web page:
> "Often the most expensive part of a museum collections visit is not the 
> transportation to the museum, but lodging. This is especially true in large 
> cities, where many of the major collections are housed. This directory has 
> been compiled as a service to the paleontological community, particularly 
> students traveling on a limited budget. This is not a complete directory, 
> but it represents information submitted by students who have actually used 
> the lodging. Their comments are included after each entry."
> If you have any other places that you would like to see added to the 
> website, please email me. Thank you!

You may wish to consider this:


lodging with high speed access...