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South American Pterosaurs

I recently read the paper describing _Coloborhynchus spielbergi_, and I have a few questions to ask:

1) How many species of _Anhanguera_ are recognised? _Anhanguera blittersdorffi_ & _Anhanguera santanae_? (The paper does mention that _A. santanae_ may be a juvenile _Coloborhynchus_)
2) _Anhanguera piscator_ is now shifted into _Coloborhynchus_? Is this generally accepted? And does this mean that it more likely looked like _Tropeognathus_/ _Criorhynchus_?
3) Has _Tropeognathus_ been sunk into _Criorhynchus_? I noticed that _Tropeognathus mesembrinus_ was called _Criorhynchus mesembrinus_, and _Tropeognathus ribustus_ was now _Coloborhynchus robustsus_.
4) Which species of _Ornithocheirus_ are recognised?
5) What did _Brasileodactylus araripensis_ look like? Is it even closely related to the ornithocheiroids?
6) What did _Santanadactylus_ look like? Yet another _Tropeognathus_/ Anhanguera_ - like pterosaur?
7) I now suppose that _Coloborhynchus_ has 4 species: _C. piscator_, _C. robustus_, _C. spielbergi, C. araripensis_. How did the 4 species differ from each other?
8) Whatever happened to _Araripedactylus conandoylei_??

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