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Re: South American Pterosaurs

Wow! I've missed quite a lot! Where was Unwin 2000 published?

> Ornithocheirus? weidenrothi Wild 1990

Isn't that wiedenrothi?

> Azhdarchidae
> Ornithocheirus? bunzeli Seeley 1881
> Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous
> Gosau Formation, Austria
> Comments- Possibly azhdarchid (Unwin pers. comm. to Nessov 1991)

B-) I must tell this to the folks at the museum here. Because they're
immensely proud of this scrap. They have let a makeup artist from a theater
made 3 models of the whole animal... with teeth. (And much too little hair.)
You'll find it http://www.nhm-wien.ac.at/D/schausammlung.html; it's
clickable and opens into a larger version. (You'll also find that the artist
who made the drawings is good at mammals but bad at dinosaurs. It's a pity
his deinotheres aren't shown.)