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Re: Aviatyrannis & SVPCA

Darren Naish wrote:

_Aviatyrannis_ would have been tiny as the ilium is only 90
mm long. The holotype ilium is clearly different from that
of _Stokesosaurus_ in being longer for its height and with a
vertical (rather than caudodorsally inclined) supra-
acetabular ridge. Intriguingly, the ilium described by Foster
and Chure (2000) - and referred by them to
_Stokesosaurus_ - more recalls that of _Aviatyrannis_ and
thus could be a N. American representative of this taxon.

Or, the supraacetabular ridge may undergo an ontogenetic shift in orientation. I believe Foster and Chure (2000) regarded their _Stokesosaurus_ ilium as coming from a juvenile. The latter ilium (now lost) measures only around 120mm long.

Foster, J.R. and Chure, D.J. (2000). An ilium of a juvenile _Stokesosaurus_ (Dinosauria, Theropoda) from the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic: Kimmeridgian), Meade County, South Dakota. Brigham Young University Geology Studies. 45: 5-10.


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