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Re: Dinosaurs in Space

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, willie moseley wrote:
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> I watched "Men In Space" faithfully, of course, and some videos of the

"Men INTO Space". (Had to look it up)

> old shows are available (I don't have any). At the time of the
> episode, I would have been 9 or 10, but recall that the asteroid was
> named Skyra, and was in an orbit that was bringing too close (or on
> collision course) with Earth, so McCauley and associates had to blow
> it up. An advance survey crew landed, and one of its members had
> oxygen problems in his suit, causing him to pass out. When he was
> rescued, he claimed to have seen a fossil, but his rescuers hadn't
> seen anything.
>  A subsequent crew landed and laid out explosives, and as they were
> leaving, the camera panned back to the side of a rock that was on the
> opposite side from the astronauts, out of their view. As dramatic
> music swelled up, there indeed was a bird-like fossil (I've always
> thought it was a pterodactyl, but size-wise it was probably closer to
> Archaeopteryx).

I was sufficiently interested I looked for episode guides. They're out
there but don't go into enough detail; in fact, what they list does not
mention any fossil. (Alan Morton's TV SciFi guide book probably would but
I don't have a copy.) I did find one person's recollection that it was a
pterodactyl type fossil. Interesting notion for 1959.

This google cached link

shows some pictures of MIS merchandise (including one of the star in a
Lucky Strikes ciggie ad).
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